Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Herringbone Brick for the Fireplace

I love herringbone and I love the way it looks in architectural elements like brick. I love the way it adds depth to a fireplace to make it a focal point instead of an overlooked point. 

Unknown Source
Masonry fireplace with Rumford firebox using buff firebrick laid on the flat in a herringbone pattern.

I love the look of brick, but I have had a nagging a feeling like it needs to be more "special"... I think it needs to sparkle or have a metallic feel. But maybe not, I need some suggestions on these: 

I fell in love with these tile samples I came home with from Artistic Tile. I feel like if we put candles in the fireplace it will sparkle and shine. I may need to DIY this because these pieces are listed as $$$. I haven't yet got a quote for them, but $$$ is never a good sign.  Read this PDF to see it in action 

This is tough decision because there are so many choices. Thoughts?

*the current brick is in rough shape and half concealed behind a metal piece in the back which we don't want to try to remove. 

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  1. What about stainless steel or a gold or silver solid? I know they sell those at Lowes, so they'd be on the cheap. The brightness of the steel would reflect pretty cool. Or a glass tile? The clear "topcoat" would also sparkle with the candles.

    Just doing a quick Pinterest search, you could even do mirrors, although that could be a nightmare to keep clean.