Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chalk Board Door + Bonus

So sorry for another delay... my excuses are so lame. But now my computer is set up on my kitchen counter with a wireless card installed and I am good to go! (I am hunting for a desk) If you follow me on instagram, you saw we had a busy week, from the Maya Hayuk mural on The Bowery, play dates with favorite friends and being locked out of the apartment by my toddler. 

As we were moving in we realized we had not painted the back of the front door! It was still that hideous green/gray color of years past. I was ready to whip out my paint brush and paint it off white like the rest of the walls. But my brilliant husband suggested a chalk board! (how cool is he?) I honestly could of slapped my for head with a dramatic "Why didn't I think of that?!"

I gave the back door a good washing and sanding to help the paint stick to the old paint. 

Everything was covered and taped. What would we do without blue tape?

Product of Choice.

After the first coat, I did 3 coats just to give it good coverage.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is imperative to have a toddler wrapped around your legs while you are painting. Absolutely key.

After waiting the designated 3 days (or almost 3 weeks) I conditioned the door with a chalk layer.

Rub it in, while asking your tired husband to take pictures of you doing it. After I rubbed it all in I washed it off and started doodling.

It made for a very entertaining morning watching him color and doodle all over the door. 

I was also planning on painting the front door this month as well. Then the Polar Vortex hit. And we haven't had an above freezing in awhile. I think my feet are actually getting used to socks! But it has been way too cold to paint the front door. But as a bonus here is what color it will be!


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