Monday, February 3, 2014

Touches in Duke's Room

Sorry for the delays we have been without internet, the polar vortex froze all the snow on our roof and the installer couldn't open the access door. It was a long week! But I was able to unpack a good bit of our stuff. I am the worst unpacker ever, because I try to think out where everything should go to make the most sense. This is also so in 3 months I don't rearrange my kitchen.

Seeing this room this way, I am even more grateful I wouldn't let them cover up the archway, or even the ledge in the archway. It came out exactly as I had envisioned.

Babyletto Grayson mini crib in navy and a Monte glider in charcoal.

Letters left over from Dukes birthday party.  I might paint them to look like Zinc, but I am happy with them at the moment.

 Vintage globes I have acquired over the years (I have 3 more in storage) and a miniature bookshelf I rescued from the trash at our old building.

Dukes first paining, a vintage cast iron Hubley motocycle I got for $7 at an estate sale and a carved Bernese Mountain Dog from my dad. Not to mention all of our books! We have many more to unpack as well. Of course they never look like this, Duke pulls them down on a daily basis.

The space above Duke's crib will not be left blank, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pull down type map.  Or, a beautiful blue print of the NYSE I have been coveting for months.


  1. I love it! It's bigger than I thought - the furniture really helps it become more dimensional!