Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Goldilocks Bathroom

Wow, we are feeling so blessed. We have recieved so many texts, emails and comments of support and encouragement after our times article (read it here). It was so exciting for us and we could not have been happier with it. We grabbed several copies on Sunday and were shocked to see our faces on the front page of the real estate section! We of course took cheesy pictures of ourselves holding the newspaper. It was a wonderful moment to be in. We feel like real New Yorkers now. Watch Out World!

I am working on responding to all the emails and comments, bear with me! We are busy packing and moving this week so that has been pretty time consuming. But have no fear, I will respond.

But here is the bathroom, with it's 3rd sink. Yes, third. First (pictured on my bathroom board) was too big, which was a error on our part. We thought it was 18 inches side to side, not front to back. Lesson learned. Second sink was a wall mount with a towel bar underneath. Super cute, but way too tiny for our main bathroom. It would have been awesome for a half bath. We did not really want a cabinet but we were running out of options and time and it fit the bill. So, we brought it home with us. Not to mention that you can never have too much storage in NYC. 

We are having mirror problems, we (I) can't decide if a full width mirror would be best or a smaller and scaled down mirror would be better. I found an awesome dresser mirror but its 1 inch too big and its wood, so it would get ruined in a bathroom. Maybe I'll find something stellar on Craigslist. fingers crossed!

I just bought a shower rod but have not committed to a curtain yet. We are moving in this weekend so I am going to need to make some decisions soon. I am going to show you all my spiffy shelves soon once I finish working with my great friend Carly who is the most organized person of all time. Since I am not that person she is going to help me with creating an awesome plan for that space. Lets be honest "stuff" is ugly. 

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