Monday, January 13, 2014

Kitchen Installation Part 1

Brandon's dad, John, came to help assemble the kitchen last weekend. They knocked out all of the assembly and installed almost all of the base cabinets and counter tops. It was a little tricky because the floors are still a smidgen unlevel (yes, even after the floors got leveled...) so there was some adjusting that needed to happen.  Brandon and his dad really did a great job it was amazing to come through out the day to see the progress! 

A kitchen in boxes

The assembly line

Lets be honest this weekend was really about bonding. 

My living room... So much stuff needs to get out of here.  

Then I came back the next day and BOOM! My kitchen is coming together! They have knocked this thing out of the park so far! Looks great doesn't it!?

I am so glad I chose the apron front sink, even though I had originally wanted the 30" I am going to be just fine with the 24". So many plans got changed throughout this remodel, some decisions were made based on cost, others on fit and size, I have learned a great deal about prioritizing my needs for the apartment. (see post about window trim, ha)  

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  1. Hey man, you’re lucky that you got their help. Kitchen installation is not an overnight work rather it would take a long time. Brandon's dad and John have really done almost the kitchen. If you would have done it alone then definitely you would take 4-5days to complete it. You could have taken the help of Flooring Installation Westlake Village, CA. Those people not only provide the raw materials but they also install it by themselves. For the next time you should try it. You will have a great finishing.