Monday, January 13, 2014

Kitchen Installation Part 2

Appliance Delivery: I wish I got more pictures of this process, but I had Duke in the stroller and there was some extreme jack hammering going on 15 feet to the left of where these guys were all standing. I would have also been in the way and it was raining. So Duke and I watched from Dunkin Donuts across the street. (Have I mentioned that a Dunkin Donuts is across the street? They know us already...

The trouble with the delivery was that once they showed up, the delivery crew said they couldn't take the appliances upstairs, because they would have to be lifted over the banister. A very not happy Brandon even offered them more than they make in a day to do it, but still nothing. So Brandon, my brother Brian who was here for the weekend and Carlos hoisted it all in their selves. I was impressed as I watched them do it and figure it out. They told me the worst piece was the washer because it was so heavy and the fridge because of the height was tricky, but made it in unscathed. 

A big THANK YOU to our friends in the downtown area we texted (way too early) on Saturday morning to come help us, but it ended up being much quicker than anticipated, and everyone was able to go back to bed. We are so glad we are staying so close to all these peeps even though some of them are leaving us very soon. 

A quick note about Brandon: He has worked so hard on this place, not only does he have a full time job, but he is always over at the new place working on anything he can. He spent this entire weekend working through the pain of a kidney stone. He said he wasn't in much pain Saturday until Saturday night when he was installing the ceiling fan and all of a sudden he went white with pain. It took almost 30 minutes for the pain to subside and when it did, he went back to work before heading home. 

If you have ever had a kidney stone you can sympathize, I have experienced both a kidney stone and giving birth and people always ask which is worse, and there is no real answer. Kidney stone pain feels like a 20-30 minute contraction (labor pain) straight. But it goes away right after for hours, days or weeks. You never know if and when the pain will come back. Unlike labor pain which comes and goes for hours (and hours). 

Needless to say, Brandon is a rock star and this place would not be as amazing with out all of his efforts and attention!

Cabinet, Counter and Appliance Installation: 

Counter top for the washer and dryer.

I joked with a few friends that these are my new toys. I am so excited to do laundry! (I love doing laundry, HATE folding it)

I love all of this. Its so fun to peel all the protective layers off the appliances.

I am so grateful my brother Brian was here this weekend. He and Duke played all day Saturday so I could go on multiple Home Depot trips and help with some major installation decisions. We wouldn't have been able to it with out him. 

We got a really late start the next day. Brandon needed more sleep and our construction guys had something come up so they would be running late. Which is fine, but we were on a deadline for Monday morning so we  really needed to push it the rest of the day to get the work done. 

Also really grateful for the Goforths who volunteered to take Duke for the afternoon (they are saints). I don't think we would have made our deadline with out them because I had so much stuff to do, that I couldn't do with Duke in tow.

Paneling pieces being cut.

Upper cabinets going in! 

Last base cabinet Hooray! 

Fixing something with the dishwasher

Time to put doors on and start cleaning the apartment. 

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