Monday, January 13, 2014

95% Done

Today was the first time Duke was ever allowed out of the stroller to run around. (I was meticulous last night about making sure every nail and screw were completely picked up.) He was in heaven. There is still some lingering dust on the floors it started to turn into a slip and slide, but he loved running in and out of each room and opening and closing all the doors. He even got in on our cleaning action this morning. 

Kitchen is all done, with the exception of 6 drawers. But done enough for me! I am going to take a fine grit sand paper and go over the top of the counter before treating it with mineral oil. 

More kitchen. I am so grateful for all of that counter space. I think our first order of business will be to bake some cookies as a family. 

We haven't decided if we want to repaint the interior of the window well Ivory or keep them blue. To be debated. 

Still my favorite bedroom. This is the room that makes me tear up when I think about the whole process. I can't wait to start bringing in our own things and putting in curtains and blinds. 

I completely forgot to take a picture of the bathroom today. But that can wait. It's not as cute as this:

My little helper. 


  1. You guys are amazing! I've loved reading this process.

  2. Love the transformation. Do you have plans to put a backsplash int he stove area to give it some texture and color?

  3. Kelly, your place is looking amazing! You guys have great taste and have done a wonderful job. I can't wait to see the final product!

  4. Hey, your house is being awesome, thanks for sharing the all process, can´t wait to see the rest, i´ll follow you, regards from Spain :)

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