Sunday, January 5, 2014

Updates on Painting and Progess

Clean, fresh and new paint. We are so excited to see the beginnings of our design elements come to life. It's very hard to focus on things like paint colors when you are busy deciding where the outlets should be placed and what the best way to configure the kitchen is. But with some help from my very talented friends who helped give me inspiration. We were able to go forward with paint and decor decisions. I am so grateful to have so many friends whom I used as sounding boards. Y'all are the best. 

Stripes for Duke! I went with these thick, preppy and very boy stripes. We love them. They came out exactly as I had envisioned. I can't wait to get furniture in here and some art on the walls. We got a very cool  vintage NYC map from Brandon's sister Brittany for Christmas and we think it would look great hung in here. 

As you saw from my last post we went for this Aqua color in our bedroom. We are really happy with it. Its not "Little Boy Blue" or anything, its a very calming Robins Egg shade. My dad and brother are hopefully coming up next weekend to build our fireplace mantle. At this time of year almost everything is "weather permitting" so hopefully the weather is good for them to come up. 

This room is victim to poor nighttime lighting, but it was really to show the newly installed shelves in the bathroom and our finished floor and shower! But the walls are more purple than these pictures show. I will re photograph them sometime this week. But it looks stupendous. 

While we were in Virginia for a few days after Christmas the floors and doors were installed. They are completely covered to avoid having something happen to them during the next 2 weeks. So when they come off I'll make sure to post a picture. 

Whats left to do?

Install all the plumbing fixtures (Toilet, shower head etc.)
Install baseboards and door trim
Install light fixtures
Install all electrical outlets and switches
Finish assembling kitchen cabinets
Appliances get delivered this Saturday
Pack up our current apartment
Find a bathroom mirror

A much shorter list than we had weeks ago! And in addition to all of this we have to pack! I forget sometimes we will be physically moving. 

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