Friday, January 3, 2014

New Sub Flooring // Very Old Floors

There is nothing, seriously nothing exciting about sub flooring. But if you have been to the apartment and seen how uneven the floors were when we started you know how much I have dying to get them leveled.

Here is how the Kitchen Floors were layered (top to bottom)

Parquet Floors
Plywood Sub floor
Plywood Sub floor
Old Hardwood Floors, in some areas with shims
Really old Hardwood Floors

6 layers.

The bottom layer of hardwood was amazing. Over 1" thick pieces. But time and lack of care have not been kind to them, they are still in great shape, but had been cut and all but destroyed. We found the old (dead) gas lines in between the floor boards. Which is why they probablly covered them up. So when ever this place was fitted for gas was when most of the renovations we see today took place.
Linoleum does not last.

Even though we are in fact paying someone to do this work, Brandon still likes to do what he can to speed the process up. 


Amazing hardwood under there. 

So thick, and we had no idea what was underneath the floor. We decided not to poke around. 

So so so many uneven layers. WHYYYY? 

New Sub floor in the living room.

Brandon, not letting me take a picture of him.

Also, this is of no importance or relevance but this is what we have to do when there is no way we can fit long strips of base trim through the front door. Brandon wouldn't lean back out of the window to let me take a picture of him. (husbands....)


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