Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1 Hour Love Day Banner

I love love. Does that make sense? I feel so good when I hear, see or feel love. Only one day a year seems a little on the skimpy side. But everyday is Valentines Day in my house. We say I love you, a lot. But part of me gets sickened by the gross amounts of pink and red Valentines Day seems to exude. Don't get me wrong I still use those sometimes, but not to excess. I like seeing shades of blush and raspberry instead.

I made this whole banner start to finish in under 1 hour. Perfect nap time project! I saw something similar a long time ago (aka pre-pinterest). So I did my best to create something similar.
What you will need:
Paint Chip Samples in your favorite colors. 
Chipboard or Card Stock (Cereal boxes work great!)
Sharpie (a pen/pencil would work fine too)
Hole punch (aka my meat fork)
A sleeping baby helps too

oh and some flowers from Trader Joe's

Make a heart, on the card stock and use it as a template onto the samples. 

I choose Glidden samples because they were the biggest solid color ones. The multi-tone samples would be neat too. Honestly the rest is self explanatory, you cut them out and string them together!  I did use my meat fork to produce evenly spaced holes. 

If you need step by step instructions for how to poke holes and string them together. I will happily send you the number to my 7th grade home-ec teacher Mrs. Armbruster. 

I have a ton of 3M command strips and I always use them on stuff like this. I cut out 2 extra hearts to make end caps for the banner. 


oh, and make sure to hang it out of reach. 


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