Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Back in the Blogging game

Ok, so after a way too long hiatus we are going to come back strong on GIG.

I wanted to take some time off to re-coop from the entire renovation and give our son some much needed mommy-son time. Well, days and weeks turned into months and a year (hiding face in shame) I blame it on the fact that we had a beautiful summer, full of guests,  a new (old) car to play in and were busy catching up on things as a family. 

A lot has changed in our apartment, we are a bit bigger family now. We welcomed a new baby girl in early May 2015. yayyyy!

So some blog posts I will be working on:

-Our Flood. Yep we had a flood from both upstairs apartments in January. It was a nightmare.

-The art and things we hung on our walls. As well as some easy DIY art. 

-A year long review of our appliances, fixtures and finishings. 

-Some fabulous finds for our space from both of us for the apartment

So keep checking in to see whats new over here! 



PS be sure to follow me on instagram to see whats going on in our crazy lives.


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