Saturday, December 7, 2013

Boxes Everywhere

There was a moment today where I felt suffocated by boxes. I don't even know how many boxes we received in the mail during the last 2 days. Our doormen probably hate us, (just kidding they are wonderful). But the biggest set was our pedestal sink. Which came in two 3.5 feet high boxes, we proudly marched them over to our new place  took them out of all the carefully packaged boxes only to find out that the sink was too big. We totally failed on this. So we grudgingly packaged them back up the way they came and slumped back home with them, wondering how do we were going to send back these gigantic boxes? Thank goodness we ordered it through Amazon. The return was pretty painless. 

Our ceiling fan, shower body, diverter valve, Duke's Christmas gift (a mini kick scooter.), the accent tile for the shower, and a package from Gigi (Duke's great grandmother) came today. I have marble floor tile sitting in my hallway. And of course the sink boxes didn't go out until almost six PM today. Not to mention that our high tech AC unit in it's gigantic box is still next to my table.  Yeah, Suffocated. 

We have several more things in transit that we are tracking like the pendant lights and our hardwood floors. Thank goodness we live so close to the apartment so we can bring stuff over easily! 

Like I said our pretty pedestal sink is being returned. So the hunt began for a new sink. I found a replacement pretty quickly and now it's on it's way. We have to be flexible sometimes when things don't work out. Here is our new wall mount sink with towel bar! Don't worry that is not the faucet we are using. But I'm excited about the towel bar! We are not 100% convinced this is the best one for the space but we are going to give it a go. 

We have such a busy weekend ahead of us! Wish us luck!

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