Monday, December 2, 2013

The Neutral Kitchen

I am in love with everything we have picked out for the kitchen. I choose not to pick anything large be bright colored so that I would be stuck with it. I prefer to rotate my pops of color. So in the spring you'll see pink peonies and maybe some light green dish towels and the summers will be filled with fire engine red bowls.

And of course, I got my navy blue pendant lights. Since navy was considered a custom color they were a bit more expensive than I had planned on. But they will be totally worth it. Navy is totally my color. I am looking for some tartan inspired tea towels. 


  1. I love the butcher block counters! Can't wait to see how it turns out--when do we get to see the kitchen before and after? Keep me posted. xoxo.

    1. The Kitchen hasn't been installed yet. But its soon! Plumber needs to run a couple lines and then the floors need to go in. THEN we get to put in the cabinets and appliances.