Monday, December 9, 2013

Time Capsule

So I am in the middle of doing an update post and I realized that we are pulling up some of the subfloor this week, this is my opportunity to put something under the floors for someone in 20, 30 or 50 years to find. 

What better than some type of time capsule? I need to act kind of fast on this because I only have until the end of the week to put it in. 

So I need some suggestions or ideas of what to include! I want to put in a letter about us and what we are doing for the renovation, a bit about our daily lives and maybe a photo. What else should go into a time capsule? 


  1. Your testimony! Write it down like you are writing a letter to a future stranger and maybe they will find the church from it ;)

  2. Things like the front page of today's newspaper, receipt from grocery store (with milk price, etc), a used subway card...

  3. definitely a photo! I like all the other suggestions...maybe a copy of your family's Christmas wishlist.