Monday, December 2, 2013

The Ceiling

The ceiling in the living room was pretty uneven, years of settling and remodels over the years will do that. 

So we made the decision to drop it just enough to hide the blemishes. It will be worth it to have an ever straight ceiling.

Here is is all drywalled in and partially mudded

What the grid looked like up and ready to have the last of the lights installed. 

With all our new lights on! The one in the center is going to be our ceiling fan. We are loving this whole room, and cannot wait to see it filled with our favorite things. There is absolutely nothing we can think to do with the pole, its not really condusive to the space to make it even bigger or add a second. At least when we have parties I can run streamers from it. 

Its amazing how fast our construction crew moves. they have knocked out both bedrooms and living room in a week or so, plus taken care of all the bathroom work!

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