Monday, December 2, 2013

Rebuilding- The Master

Sorry for the delay. We had a very busy Thanksgiving week. When we are not renovating we are living our lives with our little one, like this:
And this

but our home is starting to look like this:
this is where the opening to the nursery was.

Fireplace is all framed out and cleaned up. 

No more purple/blue walls! Although I was getting somewhat attached to color. We'll chalk that up to Stockholm syndrome. Its starting to look and feel real.  

We still need to strip all the window frames. I have been struggling with this because the Methlyomine Chloride is not cutting through some of the layers. Not even color change. MC is pretty strong stuff too. So I may need to invest in some Peel Away 1 or 7 just to make my life easier. 

Soon we can start talking about paint colors! 

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