Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Buying Appliances from Home Depot

We lucked out big time doing a renovation over this time of year, two words: BLACK FRIDAY

Since there is generally a lot of brouhaha going on around that day. Home Depot decided to start early. November 7th early. We had originally gone a couple weeks ago, just to look. We went to the 59th Street store in NYC, they have a bigger selection than it's counterpart at 23rd street. We were greeted by a salesman and he walked us through each appliance we asked about. He knew everything about every single appliance. It was incredible. Anyways, after discussing our intended purchase with him. He suggested we wait until the Black Friday sale starts. We are so glad we took his advice. 

As instructed we went back after the sale started and bought our major appliances.  We ended up saving even more than we had thought. The only items we didn't buy was the washer and dryer, we are waiting to hear from the plumber if I can get a venting dryer. But since we got such great service from our salesman, and the sale is going on through December 4th we will be going back to buy the LG washer and dryer through him. 
LG Dishwasher

Samsung Gas Range

Samsung Microwave (my only priority was a popcorn)

Samsung French Door Refrigerator. We really wanted one with a water dispenser, but unfortunately those models are too wide to fit through our door. So we compensated for this model. I like the pull attachment for the freezer you have to lift it up then pull out to open in which keeps little ones from being able to open it. 

When we first started shopping for appliances I was convinced they all had to be the same brand. I don't know where I got this notion in my head. But I did some thinking and we should get something that has really good reviews. We lucked out with the appliances that met our budget and our standards. 

I cannot wait for delivery day! 


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