Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Found Door in the Kitchen

This was behind one of the hollow walls in the kitchen. We decided to peek through and found a door! (???) I initally thought it was kinda cool. But its really not. There is a broken panel (not our doing) and its boarded closed. It would be expensive to fix the door. But if we take it down we can gain several inches for my proposed "mud room". That light blue all through out the kitchen was probably really pretty at one point. Not the depressing gray it is now. 

There are at least 8 different layers of wall paper in here. I am going to try to photograph some of them in better light. They are actually really pretty. I'll keep everyone updated on the wall paper. 


  1. Wall paper is a beast! I can't believe there was a door! I wonder what else you'll discover!

  2. You should thank your landlord for 2 thinks mainly: the highly sexy counter and the pleasure of finding a secret door. Ahah im having a lot of fun reading your blog guys