Saturday, November 16, 2013

We Bought a Kitchen

Usually when people start the "We bought a......." phrase it's generally filled with terms like House, Car, Dog, Etc. followed by as many exclamation points deemed necessary by the purchaser. So today:

We Bought A Kitchen!!!!!!!

We trekked out to Ikea Brooklyn and bought everything for our kitchen. Cabinets, doors, hardware, hinges, panels and counter tops. My countless hours configuring the layout paid off big time. We got the entire kitchen ordered in under 2 hours. We had prepared for 4 hours, which about how long it takes most people. I came prepared with every single piece needed to be ordered, itemized with codes on a speadsheet. Our Ikea team member Malcolm P. made the process simple and enjoyable. He appreciated that I had a plan and didn't need to sit a computer for 3 hours to come up with a design.

Duke was asleep in the stroller for about the first hour of my ordering process which took care of most everything. The second hour consisted of some serious discussions on door knobs and handles. There was some compromising and some marriage building going on at Ikea today. Everyone came home happy today. 

Which may be because we didn't haul anything home. Everything is being delivered and installed. 11 sets of cabinets, 48 square feet of counter tops and oodles of extras. 

Duke approved. We can't wait to show you the kitchen!


  1. Can't wait to see it! I love IKEA kitchens!


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