Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From The Beginning: The Master

We are thinking it should be dubbed the "Blueish Purple Room"

Conduit trying to "blend in" and failing. But really, the crown molding in the two bedrooms made up for everything bad on the walls and floors. 

I know there is something good behind that wall, its hollow. My money is on a fire place! 

All sorts of ugly. Lets be honest. 

Grossest carpet ever. I mean EVER. ick. I'll spare you the gross details. 

All of the windows are pocket shutters! Unfortunately they have been caulked shut (eye roll), and when they put new windows in they were built in so the shutters will not open. I was very disappointed. But they are still very cool. If you ever go to a really good restored brownstone they should have them. Its just a cool feature. Everyone keeps saying we should just cover them up. But I will not hear of it. 

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