Wednesday, November 13, 2013

From the Beginning: The Bathroom

This is a very boring, very small bathroom. As there are only 3 of us, so we can survive a small bath. 

The door doesn't actually work. It has a latch hook to keep it closed. I'll need to post a picture later of what the door looks like when it is closed. Its so crooked it's hilarious. You can see from this picture how slanted the frame is at the top. The door has textured glass panels in the top frames. 

Boring tile, boring bath, boring shower, boring vanity, boring everything. 

The only interesting thing about this bathroom is the purple paint. Even the purple is slightly boring. 

I am not planning on doing hot pink tiles or anything to jazz it up. But it needs some fun new things in here. Currently on the hunt for a 18 inch vanity that doesn't look like its for an airplane.

I have my eye on some beautiful glass tile for the floors from Artistic Tile. But we'll see if I can squeeze it into the budget. The sales team at Artistic Tile are the best in the city. They were so accommodating even though this is a small project. Eager to help and were so polite, and didn't mind Duke being there with me. He even scored a treat out of the trip! I'll do a post on my visit there soon. But if you are going soon or just want to stop by, go see Cheryl Page. 


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