Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kitchen Design Evolution

There are lots of parts to this kitchen. Its far from typical. Not an L, U or any normal kitchen layout

The biggest headache is the beautiful but low window, which prevents me from putting a counter underneath it with out it looking out of place. Standard counters come up 34.5 inches from the floor. The window only comes up 29/30 inches, depending on the area of floor in the kitchen. Did I mention yet that the kitchen floors are not level? Years and years of settling. No concrete foundation here. Although I would love to see the foundation of this place./ 

I would love to make it a window seat though. not a big one. But something little that Duke can stand on and watch for Brandon to come home from work. 

So I need to fit all my appliances in the space. It is real life tetris. But its never that simple, being mindful of plumbing, gas and electrical lines can make some restrictions on your best laid plans. Plus, being limited to pre-finished cabinet sizes and to top if off. Also, the house is not square. It was built on a corner lot which has an angle. It's most prominent in the nursery, where there is a 9 inch discrepancy from front to back. 

All of that a side. This kitchen is going to be beautiful.

Yes, I doodle. Nothing is ever to scale but that doesn't really matter. I can see what this place is going to become.This first plan has a 30 inch apron front sink. I fell in love with the Kohler sink at Water Works.  This is one thing that has to be given up. Not in the cards for this renovation, factors included cost, lack of Ikea 30" cabinet for the sink etc. But I will carry on. A 24 inch sink will make me just as happy. It also improves the line of sight from the front door.  

So this side will be my main work area. I couldn't be happier with a double depth counter/ bar connecting to the living room. Since the original kitchen had 2 different depths, I can fill the space with more counter. I have plans on hanging these enamel barn lights over top. Once I commit to a color. 

We are installing Ikea cabinets in this renovation. If this was our forever home it would be custom cabinets. (I would have also made room for the 30 inch sink) I love the idea of white/ off white cabinets with butcher block counters. Several people have warned me of the evils of butcher block, but I think they are gorgeous and are not that hard to take care of. I have never been one to plop raw chicken on my counter anyways so I am not worried about contamination. 

Isn't it beautiful?

Butcher block counters just look so warm and inviting. It's sometimes hard to find warmth in such a modern city. This city is mostly iron and marble, both pretty cold. And this is my house, not the lobby of The Plaza. 

I am still working on the details of the other side of the kitchen. But the fridge will have an accompaning cabinet and counter. While in the pantry is going to be a washer dryer combo. Details are still a little vague on this. I am deciding how to make that space as efficient (aka maximizing storage) as I can. That wall is going to have 5 feet worth of cabinets, Which will be a great deal more storage than we have had in any other kitchen. Maybe I can sneak an ironing board in between the studs. Since its too small to close off, I can't just put up open shelving. It wouldn't suit. So maybe I'll invest in the extra high cabinets. Since the ceilings are 10 feet I can get away with a bit in there. A few people suggested I stack the washer and dryer. I would like to remind them that I am only 5'1" (2" if I am feeling spritely). Things get hard to reach sometimes. 

Still working out some kinks and nothing will be finalized until its installed. 

Truth: The lay out has been the biggest headache. But after meeting with our plumber I fell much better about my plans. I seriously lost sleep over the layout of the kitchen. But now I can rest easy because now I think it will function for the needs of our family.  Since this is really "my room" it really has to work for me first. 


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    1. Thanks Kara! I have a notebook full of sketches for this place. I am trying to think through things to make sure we can live in this place comfortably.