Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fireplace Mantle Inspiration

I need to make a decision about the design of my mantle. My wonderful dad is going to build me exactly what I want. I love the idea of adding in middle height and dentil molding without a deep mantle. Also should the trims and moldings be extended to the ceiling or stop at the mantle piece? 

Here are a handful of my favorites I have collected


unknown source

#emmaloohouse » Emma Loo Photography Mantle Decor Ideas

mantle decorating
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earthy mantel decorating #diy

this reminded me of your house- clean and fresh like how we did the bathroom

great mantle with perfect asymmetrical symmetry Bergere Chair: The ABC's of arranging shelves- Part 2

If you had a mantle in your bedroom what style would you have built?


  1. I love the first one with the kind of slats - I've never seen one like that before. Love it!

    1. Its great right? The base is very Craftsman Style, and the top is totally the reclaimed barn look.