Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Goodbye Pantry Wall!

Behind this wall (one sheet of drywall) that was built around the fridge, is a really big pantry. I am totally serious. We had to take the wall down to get the fridge out. It is a nice big 4' by 5.5' space. And hello kitchen window! Makes me so excited for when I cook bacon. 

Pardon our Dust. Its the only way to get a picture mid demo. Also the sunset was unreal that night, hence the pink streaming through the window. 

The wall was literally one sheet of drywall. I don't think that even counts as a temporary wall! This space is big enough for a washer and dryer combo to sit side by side! Maybe with a folding counter? (be still my heart) 

We had a junk removal guy come and haul away all the appliances, except the stove, because we weren't sure at the time how to disconnect it. But we are starting to see the space open up! Demo requires a lot of junk removal. It can't wait either because you have to clean up the space to move around and work in. Its not like we can dump all the stuff on the curb for Mr. Garbage Man to come collect it. It doesn't work that way in the city. 


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  2. Doesn't work that way in the suburbs either! I don't even know how many trips we made to the dump with a trailer full of old dryway, wood and appliances too!

    1. I bet you made a ton. We can't get a dumpster and since we don't have a car or truck we have to pay someone hundreds of dollars to haul stuff out. Its a good business to get into here!