Saturday, November 9, 2013

How we found this apartment

In an attempt to explain how we found our apartment, let me give a little back story, around July 2013 we decided we could not keep up with our Battery Park rent. We love Battery Park and we love our building.  But, we hated how much we were paying for rent. So we started the hunt for something that was a bit more budget friendly which is quite difficult in a city like this.  We were looking everywhere, UES, UWS, Brooklyn, even Queens. We had a hard time finding something that would suit us.  Brandon did not want to extend his commute and I was really reluctant to leave the comfort of the downtown area that I know so well.

Brandon is a Street Easy and Curbed junkie. He loves looking up all kinds of apartments throughout the city. We actually noticed this apartment months before we even started looking and were intrigued but we had just moved and weren't ready to do so again. Well a few months later it was still listed and our curiosity got the best of us. So we went to go see it.

We were so surprised, there was so much potential with this space, a big kitchen, 2 bedrooms and so much space. We were still looking at other apartments in Jersey, more UWS and more Brooklyn at the time so decided to keep it in the back of our minds. We kept coming back to this property in our minds, so we decided to go back and see it again

Then the most amazing people walked into the building. The neighbors. They stopped and chatted and gave us fantastic information. And told us about their amazing remodel of the old abandoned loft space on the back side of the building.

So from this point out we contacted and negotiated with the landlord.Then when all the terms were agreed upon and we were ready to get started. We are so excited to be able to stay in our beloved downtown neighborhood and get more space for our growing family. This is such a tremendous opportunity we have been given and are excited to see it through.

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