Friday, November 15, 2013

Electrical Progress

From the beginning the electrical was terrifying. We knew that new (safe) electrical work was our number one priority. I don't know if becoming a parent or just being a logical person that opened my eyes to suspicious junction boxes and some exposed wires being "hazards". I'm going to pat myself on the back and call it being a logical parent. 

The previous tenant, left an enormous electrical bill behind, so we practically sent every verification possible to Con Ed to get them to turn it back on. Just to prove it wasn't us who left the bill, which is completely understandable. I must say even though they required a lot from us they were absolute peaches about getting it back on, and quickly too. (Thanks ConEd!)

Mike, our electrician has installed some temporary outlets and lights so he can work much faster. To be honest getting the stuff put in behind the walls is not my idea of  a fun and exciting renovation.

But for the first time ever, I saw the apartment with lights on. The whole place felt big and open and maybe for the first time a little happiness started to shine through. 

These lights are only temporary, they will become recessed as it goes along. I really pushed for recessed lighting in the kitchen and living room. It made the project a little bit more expensive but it will be worth it. 

Who knew a little light bulb could make me so happy! Even though I am shuddering at the thought of having to close up all these seams in the ceilings and walls. We are hoping to have all the electrical work sewn up by next week. Unfortunately its only one minor check off my list. We still need the plumbing done, the bathroom updated, the floors installed, cabinets ordered and installed and so much more.... 

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