Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From The Beginning: The Kitchen

Photo from the original listing. I can't get over how hilarious that drape looks on top of the fridge. 

The only word I can think to describe this kitchen is "off set" see how the stove is a full counter length behind the sink? And there is a mystery box we need to uncover to see whats in there. (Please don't be brick)

Oh hey gas meter in the kitchen. You are really attractive. So are the jalapeno lights.  Check out those parquet floors too. 

Backside of the kitchen, which actually has a large pantry but is being used to house the fridge and 50 gallons of ancient paint. 

Overall, not very pretty, but its HUGE. Its a really big kitchen. I have some big plans for this space. The kitchen design will be dependant on several factors, like plumbing, gas and electrical

Also, please friends never paint your kitchen dark grey, its really depressing. 

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