Friday, November 15, 2013

Nursery Inspiration

 Let's be honest. I was ready for Duke to have his own room months ago. He has a sneaky habit of getting up early to wake up the sun. But its happening now and I feel unprepared for what I should do with his room. It will be his bedroom and play room, and when the stork decides to comes again, a shared room. 

Wall of maps
You are my world print lenziw
a DIY wallpaper ceiling using paint and contact paper Photography by,  Design by #Nursery #SMPLiving

Sublet map wall. (Elina Dahl)

unknown source

I have collected several world globes over the years and would love to do something with them for his room. I would also like to make my life difficult by painting the ceiling. The room is just begging me for some ceiling love. It told me so. I love mint blues and greens with red and silver pops. I want to incorporate the arch way into my design so it doesn't get overlooked or forgotten. Be prepared for a good Michon sized dose of navy blue in there too.  This is my home after all.

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