Monday, November 18, 2013

Removing the Old Floors

We had to remove three types of flooring to make way for our new hardwood. 
Parquet in the Kitchen
Laminate in the Living Room
Carpet in the bedrooms

We found some lovely water damaged sub floors and discovered the parquet was glued down to last for eternity. Even though most of the wood was damaged by water or scratches. (Pardon our horribly lit pictures. We work late into the night) 

We love our handy crow bar and hardened rubber mallet. The rubber is much quieter than metal on metal, which gives you a serious migraine after about two minutes. 

As you can see each of the square practically explodes into multiple pieces. Leaving lots of little scraps all over the place and a lot still stuck to the floor. 

My number one handy man. He can do it all! He has been working so hard to make this apartment our home.

I married a good one! 

Junk Junk Junk. The laminate floors were easy to pull out after we got the first few planks pulled up. The carpets were so gross. I am doing everyone a favor by not ever showing them. I am now a firm believer that rentals should never ever (ever) have carpet. 

We are now ready to make way for hardwood! 


  1. So where is Duke while you guys are working? I'm a little confused - you'll live in your house now while you renovate right? But you're having to pay your rent AND the renovation costs, or the owner's gave you a budget?

    1. We have a sitter watch him if we are both over there. Other than that we switch off between the two of us.

      Our current lease ends Feb 1. So while we are renovating we are staying in our clean dust free house. So essentially yes, we are paying for two places at once. Our lease for the new place does not begin until Feb 1, so we will still get our full 30 months out of it.

      We agreed on an amount with the owner to pay for the renovations. Its all coming out of our pocket.

  2. I'm interested in learning more about handyman work or at least demolitions myself. How did your husband get into fixing and renovation places? Is there a book or class on that?